Fresh pasta is best served hot, cooked al dente.

Our pasta may be served with all types of sauces or just seasoned with olive oil, herbs and parmesan cheese.
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Spread Cannelloni taken straight from the freezer to cake pans, previously greased with butter or olive oil. Add the sauce and bake at a temperature of 180 degrees C. for approx. 20 minutes.

It can also be baked in a pizza oven (even one portion) or on a pan, while putting it into the oven or on a grill at the last stage, only that the top is nicely baked. → Read more

Cooking fresh, frozen pasta requires a little more effort than cooking ordinary dried pasta. For that reason, we have prepared a few tips. → Read more

As a way to store our pasta we chose deep-freezing. As everyone knows, this is one of the best methods of food storage. It allows us to use only natural ingredients during the production process and to maintain excellent nutrition and original taste.
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