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PERINO is a company specialising in the production of “pasta fresca” – fresh, frozen pasta in the Italian tradition and of a unique taste. Many years of experience, passion and commitment enabled us to create superior quality products that cater even the most demanding tastes.
The story took its beginnings in the 1950s, in a small town in Sicily, where a grandfather of one of the owners supplied the local restaurants with fresh pasta, homemade according to Italian recipes.
Deriving from the original recipes, we expanded our production over the years, perfecting the procedures and sharing experience with chefs and qualified cooks in Europe.
All those endeavours having been pursued, the year 2009 witnessed the commencement of our business in Poland, near Warsaw in order to invest even more in to the product quality, offering high-end products – fresh pasta of a unique quality and taste.
Thanks to many years of practice we are well aware of the importance of quality of individual components in the process of pasta production. Respectively, we use only the best ingredients – Italian durum wheat, fresh pasteurized eggs, imported cheeses, herbs and various seasonal products imported from Italy and other parts of the world, carefully selected by us for the needs of our production.
We have also mastered the secrets of combining pasta with different ingredients, so aside from the standard long forms of pasta, such as tagliatelle or spaghetti; and short, such as penne and maccheroncini, we also offer a wide range of flavoured and stuffed pasta – tomato, spinach and beetroot pasta, as well as stuffed ravioli, cannelloni and tortellacci.
As a way of storing our products, we have chosen deep-freezing. This method allows the use of only natural ingredients in the production process. In addition, deep-frozen products retain both their nutritional value and the original taste.
In addition to the standard offer we always keep in store seasonal specialties that we offer under a variable “offer of the month”. It is worthwhile to be up to date, because you can find unusual flavour proposals, like porcini tagliatelle, pizzoccheri, pasta with pumpkin, wild garlic ravioli, gnocchi with basil, pasta with venison and caramelized apple, ravioli in saffron pie with John Dory and fennel.
The art of creating pasta offers a vast field for culinary experiments. These, combined with the passion and commitment, produce amazing results – a rich, diverse offer, interesting flavours and new types of experience.
It is no secret that the appearance of food is as important as its taste. Beautiful dishes awake our senses and stimulate appetite, which is why we fulfil our offer with hand-made stuffed pasta such as tortellacci, rettangolloni, triangolloni and rotondi, whereas every single type of pasta is unique, individual, special in terms of the passion and commitment with which it was created.
What’s more? An interesting appearance is also featured by pasta with aromatic herbs which owes its colour to natural ingredients such as tomatoes, beets, basil, and spinach or squid ink. There is no need for adding a lot of extras to create a beautiful composition on the plate, with an outstanding taste.
We proudly take this opportunity to announce that our products have reached customers in the best hotels and restaurants in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Poland.

Even the most developed description is not able to render the extraordinary taste of our pasta. In other words we wish to invite you to taste it – we will arrange a meeting in order to present our products and to show you our trade offer.

So join the taste sensation ….

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