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Pasta Fresca – Italian pasta culture

For a native Italian there is nothing better than fresh pasta made according to traditional recipes. Thanks to unique flavours, a variety of shapes and unlimited possibilities of use in culinary creations, Italy has developed a rich culture of eating fresh pasta. The Italians even know a profession which handles the enhancement of pasta production process: ilpastaio is a person specializing exclusively in the preparation of this delicacy. They often spend long years to refine its recipes and perfect this one area alone.

Fresh pasta is a product still little known in many European regions. Where people mainly accustomed to dried pasta available in retail, do not know all fine varieties of this Italian specialty.
This is why we have decided to share our passion for pasta fresca and come up with a proposal of a new, original taste straight from Italy. For many years we have learnt from the best in order to address you with an offer of unique products of superior quality.
Pasta Fresca – fresh pasta – is a subtlety of tastes, versatility and limitless possibilities of culinary creation. Once tasted, it will become a lifelong element of your menu.

Our fascination with Italian culture and pasta fresca quickly turned into a passion, which today forms the basis of our business. Thanks to the commitment and many years of practice, we have created a wide range of fresh and frozen pasta, which cater to the tastes of even the most demanding gourmets. Our goal is to provide products of superior quality to catering industry establishments, where chefs offer their customers refined and sophisticated meals along with unique and unforgettable taste-related experience.

While producing fresh pasta, we do not forget Italian roots and traditions that we wish to cultivate and disseminate. We believe that the way to perfection never ends, so we are constantly enhancing our products and we strive to make our offer even better.

Thanks to the mixture of traditional recipes, carefully selected natural ingredients and years of experience, we are able to offer products of superior quality. During every day work, we apply all efforts so that our fresh pasta satisfies the expectations of the most fastidious customers. We aim for a taste that constantly charms and delights.
Therefore we inspect the production process at every stage, meticulously checking every detail, so we can guarantee the unique quality and taste of our products.

Our offer is addressed primarily to the food service sector (HoReCa) – to hotels, restaurants and catering companies that want to offer their clients exclusive cuisine of a unique, tailored-established flavour. To meet the market needs, we offer a wide range of fresh deep-frozen pasta, which perfectly matches the original menu. Long tomato tagliatelle, short maccheroni, stuffed ravioli or handmade tartellacci are bound to enrich a menu and attract new customers.
The benefits of our product are limitless for people who are always on the go. The short cooking time of our pastas contributes to the speed of preparation, hence results in a shorter waiting time for the restaurant guests. In addition, thanks to the option of serving meals “al momento” you always receive pasta al dente – as in a true Italian restaurant.
Any chef will be serving our pasta with pride and conviction that they provided products of superior quality.
The needs of our customers constitute a priority for us, so we are open to your suggestions and proposals. We would be happy to face new challenges that would enable us to progress towards further perfection. Likewise, we can help you in the field of professional development in creating new products or even culinary recipes that will suit the type of pastas you want.
Individual ideas may be executed on request – we can produce a pasta with a stuffing of your choice or tailor-make your individual pasta “on demand” –from 12 kg, whereas ravioli and handmade pasta – from approx. 30 kg.






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